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There are few creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved that are as annoying as Leeches. These slimy little invertebrates infest swampy areas and can latch onto players to steal their health and stamina. Worse yet, Leeches can also attach to the player's tamed animals to suck out their health and stamina as well.

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However, there is a simple way of getting Leeches off of one's character as well as a different one for getting Leeches off of the player's tamed creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved. Though, instead, it is often better to prevent Leeches from latching on by taking a few precautions.


How To Get Leechs Off Of Characters & Tamed Animals

ark survival evolved leeches in swamp

Getting Leeches Off Of Players

Players that have a Leech attached to them can burn the Leech off by standing on a Campfire for a few seconds. This will cause the player to take a bit of damage from the fire, however, this is worth it to get rid of the Leeches, as the little fiends will drain more health over time. One can get Leeches off of another player by interacting with them and taking the Leech out of their inventory.

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Getting Leeches Off Of Tamed Animals

Gamers can get Leeches off of their tamed animals in the same way that they can get them off of other players. Walk up to the creature that has Leeches on them and interact with them to see their inventory. Take the Leech out of the tamed animal's inventory to get the Leech off of them.

How To Prevent Getting Swarmed By Leeches

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Kill Them Before They Attach

Leeches can only attach to creatures and players from melee range, so one can kill them with ranged attacks to prevent them from becoming an issue. Unfortunately, these parasites are small and sometimes hard to see. As such, if the player is riding a mount, it could be useful to use one's mount's attacks to crush nearby Leeches.

Use Bug Repellent

Although Leeches are not technically bugs, Bug Repellent will make the player invisible to them. This effect is so powerful that players can even come into contact with Leeches while Bug Repellent is active and not be detected by the tiny bloodsuckers. Though, attacking a Leech will cause the effects of the Bug Repellent to wear off.

Use Flying Mounts Or Tall Mounts

Since Leeches only appear in swampy locations, players can potentially completely avoid them by using a flying mount to traverse such areas.

However, if entering a swamp is a necessity, it is recommended to use a mount that is tall enough to keep one's character out of the water. If the player's mount gets attacked by Leeches, being able to get off of a mount while still standing safely on its body can be a great way of taking the Leech out of the creature's inventory quickly.

Use Mount Animals From Swamps

Leeches will not attack certain kinds of creatures due to natural immunity. Creatures that originate from swampy locations can travel through them while being unbothered by Leeches, so it could be handy to use one of those species as mounts for traversing swamps.

Travel With A Friend

While traveling with another human player, one will have a quick and easy way to get help in Leech-filled situations. Furthermore, the player can help their traveling companion as well by getting Leeches off of them. When heading through a swamp, there is safety in numbers.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

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