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Some of The Top Water Sports to Enjoy When in Malaga

When thinking of a suitable summer holiday destination, then the province of Malaga could just be the answer you are looking for. This place experiences sunshine for most days of the year with very mild winters. This destination is a lot of fun whether visited with family, friends or even alone. Different water sports are among other activities that can be enjoyed in this place aside from sight viewing. If you are a lover of water sports, you can choose to either swim with dolphins, kayak, scuba dive or choose any other available water sport and have a good time. In this article, there is a compilation of some of the popular water sports that you can enjoy while on a holiday in Malaga.

Riding banana boats is the first water sport you stand to enjoy while in Malaga. Banana boating is a thrilling activity that became popular in the 19th century whose requirement is keeping balance on the water while riding a banana-shaped float. The art of balancing on water may not necessarily be easy to master especially on a banana-shaped float hence you are guaranteed to experience falls which makes the sport more fun. You can choose to participate in banana boating with your friends or even family and test each other as you create fun moments out of the falls experienced while trying to keep balance.

Another water sporting activity found in Malaga is kayaking. Kayaks are a great way of exploring the caves and coves around the Costa del Sol on a personal level. The breathtaking views of Malaga will be at your disposal while kayaking which includes the high cliffs and mountains. Kayaking also allows you to dive in the waters and enjoy the beauty of the flora and fauna which is a very relaxing experience.

While in Malaga, you can also choose to take part in surfing as a water sport. Malaga has several surfing spots including Cabopino in Marbella, Santa Amalia in Fuengirola which makes it possible for surfing activities to take place. With surfing, you just hold on a high surf and get pushed by the wind and this experience is so enjoyable either in your own company or with other surfers.

Scuba diving is also another water sporting activity available in Malaga. The rich Mediterranean waters of Malaga are a scenery you can’t forget to explore through scuba diving while in Malaga. The beautiful biodiversity of Costa del Sol makes scuba diving such an unforgettable experience. Nothing can beat the sight of the outstanding flora and fauna you will experience while scuba diving in Malaga. In conclusion, choosing Malaga as your summer holiday destination is a decision you may never regret based on the variety of water sports that are available to make your holiday much more interesting.

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