With Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl having just released, Pokemon hype is as high as it has ever been. In the spirit of the eternally-popular franchise, Reddit user monty_vincent, or Poke_Monty on Instagram, has made an incredible portrait of a shiny Absol made entirely from energy cards from the Pokemon trading card game.

Absol is a popular Pokemon introduced in Generation 3, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Called the Disaster Pokemon because of its ability to predict tragedy and calamity, Absol immediately became a fan favorite because of its cool, asymmetrical design, interesting lore, and edgy lone wolf demeanor. These factors came together to make Absol the perfect subject for Poke_Monty’s latest portrait, especially with the bright red coloration of the shiny version.


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The portrait itself is crafted entirely from cut out Pokemon energy cards. The lines and details created by the unique crafting style give the portrait the appearance of a stained glass window. Poke_Monty even used Dark-type energy cards as a background for the Dark-type Pokemon. All and all, Poke_Monty estimated it took about 40 energy cards to craft this particular portrait.

Creating art from Pokemon trading cards is a tradition as old as the game itself, and this isn’t the first Pokemon portrait Poke_Monty has made. They have made more than 200 portraits, each featuring different Pokemon, scenes, and themes. While many of their pieces are single-Pokemon portraits like the Absol piece, some feature multiple Pokemon, and some even feature complex scenery. One scene features Umbreon and Espeon watching a sunset together, and another features several Steel-type Pokemon in a metal band.

They have even made crossover pieces, like Charmander with the Venom symbiote from Spider-Man, or Pikachu dressed up as Mario or Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars. While most of their work features Pokemon, they have branched into other franchises as well, including a recent portrait of Artemis and Luna from Sailor Moon.

Understandably, Pokemon fans were floored by Poke_Monty’s work. All of their art, including the Absol piece, are quickly showered with praise and affection. Most of the posts also have people inquiring as to how they can get their hands on one of their pieces. Poke_Monty does take requests and commissions, all of which they process through their Instagram account. Considering Poke_Monty posts new art like this at least a couple times a week, Pokemon fans who want to see more of their work need only give them a follow.

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Source: Instagram

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