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In Zoroastrian mythology, Anahita is a goddess of water (as well as many other things). Her appearance in Shin Megami Tensei 5 feels appropriate, as she will throw many powerful Ice-type attacks at the player. However, she can also heal herself and cast Light-type magic, so be prepared for those.

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Anahita can be found at the oasis at the top of some mountains in the first area of the game. She will be passive, and one can talk to her, however, she will eventually challenge the player. One can back out and then come back after preparing, though, if the player proceeds and battles Anahita, they should brace themselves for a tough Shin Megami Tensei 5 boss battle.


Anahita's Stats & Attacks

shin megami tensei 5 anahita special fusion

About Anahita's Stats

Anahita has a high Magic stat, while her other ones are moderate and low. As such, she will be able to do a lot of damage with her offensive skills, though, she won't be able to resist very much incoming damage. Despite not having a great Vitality stat, Anahita still has a boss health bar, which means players won't be able to take her down quickly unless they are over-leveled for the area.

About Anahita's Weaknesses & Resistances

Anahita will absorb all Ice-type attacks that the player will try to hit her with. This means that one should never use such skills against her, otherwise she will actually regain some health from the attack. Furthermore, Anahita will block all incoming Light-type damage. As such, those kinds of attacks will do nothing beneficial. If players hit this boss with either Ice or Light-type offensive skills, not only will they be ineffective against her, but doing so will also use up 2 entire actions from the player's turn.

However, Anahita is weak to both Fire and Electric-type skills, so use those against her. This can be trickier than it initially appears, as most demons that have the best Fire-type skills tend to be weak to Ice-type ones. A great way around this is to focus on getting allies with Electric-type skills or using Essences to give some demons new skills of the desired types.

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About Anahita's Skills

She will spend a lot of her turns attacking the player with her Ice-type signature skill, Hellish Spurt, which randomly hits the player's party a few times. However, she can also use Hamaon, which will do single-target Light-type damage, so be careful of that as well. Additionally, Anahita can heal herself with Diarama for a big chunk of HP to prolong the fight even more.

Demons To Use Against Anahita

shin megami tensei 5 mermaid, apsaras, and angel

Since Anahita uses Ice and Light-type skills, it would be wise to bring allies that don't take as much damage from these elements. Some good demons for fighting Anahita are Mermaid, Apsaras, and Angel, as they all can be acquired as party members around the time that the player should encounter Anahita in her mountain oasis.

Mermaid can completely block Ice-type skills, which makes her very useful for tanking the frequent Hellish Spurt attacks from Anahita. However, Mermaid doesn't have any great offensively damaging options for taking on Anahita. It is not recommended to use Essence Fusion to give Mermaid Fire or Electric-type skills, as her Skill Potential for these elements is very low. Low Skill Potential means attacks using those elements will be weaker--something to always avoid. However, Mermaid has great Status Ailment Skill Potential, so players can use her to try and afflict Anahita with a status ailment of some kind.

Apsaras is only resistant to Ice-type attacks, meaning that she will take damage, albeit at a lesser amount. However, she does not have negative Skill Potential for the Electric element, meaning that players can use Essence Fusion to give her Electric skills without penalties.

Angel can completely block Light-type attacks, however, they can also be a very good healer for this point in SMT 5. Their unique recovery skill, Humble Blessing, is one of the best heals in the early part of the game.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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