The Golden Joystick Awards took place recently, crowning Psychonauts 2 as the Game of the Year while simultaneously hosting some game reveals. One reveal that seemed to turn a lot of heads was Wronged Us, an open world horror game that's taking inspiration from Dark Souls and Silent Hill. The Wronged Us trailer gave fans a brief look at the game and what it has in store, including a creature that is clearly inspired by the classic horror film It Follows.

Critically-acclaimed 2014 horror film It Follows is about an unstoppable, sexually-transmitted entity that relentlessly walks towards its victims until it catches and kills them. The creature can shapeshift, and at one point during the movie, it takes the form of an unnervingly tall man who has to bend over as it walks through a doorway. As it so happens, Wronged Us features a similar-looking creature that players will have to contend with during the course of the game.


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The Wronged Us creature and the tall man from It Follows are both wearing somewhat tattered shirts, similar-looking pants, and have black rings around their eyes. The creatures are not a perfect match, but they both walk through doors in a very distinctive and creepy way, so one has to imagine that It Follows is serving as another inspiration for this intriguing new open world horror game project.

wronged us tall man
it follows tall man

Wronged Us is not shy about its inspirations. Besides potentially being inspired by It Follows, Wronged Us developers claim that the game has also taken some cues from Silent Hill, Dark Souls, and Resident Evil. The Wronged Us gameplay trailer has some clear Last of Us vibes as well, though Naughty Dog's franchise isn't named as one of the titles that inspired Wronged Us.

As it stands, there's not a whole lot that fans know about Wronged Us beyond what's shown in the gameplay trailer and the the fact that it will be an open world horror game. The Wronged Us release date isn't until sometime in 2023, so unfortunately, more concrete answers about the game may have to wait for next year or even beyond.

While horror game fans may have to wait a bit to see more of Wronged Us, the game has clearly made a lasting first impression. Whether or not it sticks the landing is unclear, but it will definitely be one for horror game enthusiasts to keep an eye on.

Wronged Us launches in 2023.

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